Advertisement in Exhibitor's Directory

India Stonemart 2017, the International Stone Industry Exhibition will be organized at Jaipur from February 2-February 5, 2017 by the Centre for Development of Stones (CDOS). The event is being co-organized by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI). An Exhibitors' Directory will be brought out on this occasion. The directory will serve as a Buyer's Guide. The Directory will be distributed to a wide range of Business Visitors, High level Government Officials, Industrial Delegations from around the World, Embassies etc. and will also be sold during the event.


Exhibitors and Non-exhibitors can advertise in the Exhibitors' Directory at the rates below.

Type of Advertisement Rates* (in Rupees) Rates* (in Euros)
Opening First Page (Color) 35,000.00 650.00
Full Page (Color) 25,000.00 370.00
Inside Front Cover (Color) 50,000.00 1250.00
Inside Back Cover (Color) 45,000.00 1200.00
Back Cover (Color) 75,000.00 1500.00
Spine 35,000.00 650.00
Book Mark (Both Sides) 50,000.00 1250.00
Double Spread 45,000.00 1200.00

*CDOS members shall be given a discount on the standard rates (20% to Founder Donors, 15% to Donor members and 10% to Life members)

* 15% (Service Tax + Swachh Bharat Cess + Krishi Kalyan Cess) Extra

Technical data for advertisement in exhibitors' directory
Print Area: 12.0 cm (width) x 19.0 cm (height)
Page Area: 14.0 cm (width) x 21.5 cm (height)

Advertisement material required:

  • Black & White: One single film positive of the above size with two clear proofs
  • Colour: One set of colour separated four colour positives (Emulsion side down & 130 - 150 line screen) with progressive proofs
  • Electronic Format: High resolution image of the size above, in PDF or CDR format.


We wish to place an advertisement in the Exhibitors' Directory of India Stonemart 2017 for the type(s) of advertisement as ticked below:

*Company Name: Last Date 15 December, 2016
*Name: *Address:
*City: *Zip Code:
*Country: *Phone:
Fax: *Email:

Type of Advertisement
Select your option
Opening First Page Color
Full Page: Four Color
Inside Front Cover, Four Color
Inside Back Cover, Four Color
Back Cover: Four Color
Book Mark Both Side
Double Spread

General Conditions:

  • The submission of this form by the company/organization shall constitute a firm order to the Organiser.
  • An order will be accepted by the Organiser provided it is received along with a Demand Draft for the full amountin advance payable to the 'Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)' payable at New Delhi. Advertisement in the Directory is not guaranteed unless this condition is fulfilled.
  • Publication of advertisement in the directory is not guaranteed if the order and/or payment and/or advertisement material is received after the deadline i.e. 30th November 2016.
  • Rates shown are not payable rates, with discounts offered only to Founder Donors, Donor and Life members of CDOS. There shall be no agency commissions.

Technical Data For Advertisement:

Print Area 12.0 cm (width) X 19.0 (height), Page Area 14.0 cm (width) X 21.5 cm (height)
Full Page Half Page Half Page Book Mark Double Spread Spine
*Print Area (W x H) 12 x 19 cms. (Vertical) *Print Area (W x H) 6 x 19 cms. (Horizontal) *Print Area (W x H) 12 x 9.5 cms. *Print Area (W x H) 6 x 10 cms. *Print Area (W x H) 24 x 19 cms. Print Area (W x H) 2 x 21.5 cms.

Advertisement material required:

  • Colour separated positives with progressive proofs for colour advertisement. Positive or Artwork. (For colour advertisement if processing is to be done by us, charges will be extra)
  • Book Mark should be provided by the advertiser.
  • For Electronic format, the material should be sent in high resolution visual format (like EPS & CDR) in CD.
  • Black & White: One single film positive of the above size with two clear proofs.
 I agree the above mentioned terms & condition